What is it to be "American"?

Anthropologists help to inform societies and governments, especially regarding decisions about use of resources and the extinction of cultures around the globe.

The goal is that students will examine aspects of their own society and culture to attempt to answer part or all of that question.

1. Students will work in groups to select a topic for inquiry. With your group pick an aspect of American life/culture to explore.
Pick an aspect of your culture that you may have previously taken for granted, and or overlooked. Other subjects that could be incorporated are science, journalism, economics, government, religion, art. You should look at the previous classes pages to see how they completed the page. Remember not every page got a high grade.

Some topics that you may want to pursue are: marriage, family, sex, religion, clothing, housing, music, television, movies, food, shopping, transportation, language, technology, sports, games, art, jobs.

2. Design your study:
Do you want to observe, interview? How will you gather data? Remember-fieldwork is integral to anthropological study.
There needs to be certain standards and practices followed for accurate conclusions to be made.

What digital tools will you use to gather information outside your own circle?

What technology and process will you use to analyze data and information?

3. Design your page - create a format to present your conclusions and supporting data.

4. The project should encourage these learning dispositions: students will become more observant, curious, persistant, cooperative and reflective. To study other cultures opens one's mind to accept diversity and encourages self-reflection.

The end project should require the students to use digital tools that they are less familiar with.

The Wikipage must reflect group effort, editing by all group members, active data gathering and clearly and comprehensively help to answer the question, "What is American?"

5. All classmembers must comment on other group's wikipages to recieve full credit. Deadlines will be announced in class.