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Its very common that we hear "blondes have more fun," and that women with blonde hair are particularly favored by men, but is this true? From the beginning of time there has always been a rivalry between brunettes and blondes, and most of the time we don't even realize it. In the show the office, blonde Pam and brunette Karen fight for the attention of Jim. Another example would be in the show Dexter where blonde, Rita, and brunette, Lila, compete for the love of Dexter.

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Hypothesis: The average american high school male find blondes physically more attractive than brunettes.

We wanted to find out whether high school males find blondes physically more attractive than brunettes, and whether their decision is influenced by the media.

Blondes or Brunettes [[#|Survey]]
1) Do you think that looks matter in a significant other? Y/N
2) Do you think that hair color matters in a significant other? Y/N
3) Do you think the media influences [[#|your]] decision? Y/N
4) If yes, what media source influences you the most? (circle one)
A) [[#|TV]] B) Movies C) Musicians
5) Do you prefer [[#|your]] significant other to be blonde or brunette? Blonde/Brunette
6) Are you blonde, brunette or other? (Circle one)

[[#|Survey]] Results:

1. Do you think looks matter in a significant other?

yes: 63

no: 13

2. Do you think hair color matters in a significant other?

yes: 47

no: 34

3. Do you think the media influences [[#|your]] decision?

yes: 35

no: 43

4. If yes, what media source influences you the most? (circle one)

[[#|TV]]: 23

movies: 18

musicians: 7

5. Do you prefer your significant other to be blonde or brunette?

blonde: 35

brunette: 46

6. Are you blonde, brunette, or other?

blonde: 28

brunette: 3

other: 16

Download Your Pie Chart
Download Your Pie Chart

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In a study done by Garnier, it concluded that blondes are actually not more successful in the love department because they lack the confidence and self esteem that brunettes have. They also found the men no longer prefer blondes because they feel more successful when around a blonde. A mere 6% preferred red heads.

Advertisements also use the idea of rivalry between blondes and brunettes. In order to settle the dispute between the two, Sunsilk created the campaign, Color Showdown. They had an online pole that asked 4,000 men to tell their views on blondes and brunettes.

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Media plays a huge role in the lives of Americans today. Often individuals are influenced to believe a certain characteristic is more attractive than another. Movies, [[#|television]], magazines, radio and many other media sources drastically encourage certain ideas of what is seen as appealing in American society. Putting blondes and brunettes against eachother has been a Hollywood technique that dates back all the way to the 1930's.

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Our surveys contradicted our hypothesis because most high school boys preferred brunettes over blondes. Most of the males that we surveyed agreed that hair color did matter when choosing a significant other, but most did not feel like the media affected their selection.