Sarah Scroggins, Kyle Amodio, Ana Radu, Nichelle Ramage

Observations from History:

- In the middle ages women would be won over by the man that showed the most potential as a protector, or in other words the most athletic man

- Athletes in Ancient Greece were prized members in the Greek community

- All women throughout time have had an instinct to find the man they feel will protect them

- Throughout time the image of the perfect woman has changed from damsel in distress to someone who can hold their own

Hypothesis: Our hypothesis is that the survey will show that girls like to date jocks the most because of their appearance and the social status that comes with dating a jock. We also hypothesize that the survey will show that jocks would rather date a girl who is not athletic rather than a girl that participates in a sport.

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Boys Survey:

1. Are you more attracted to a girly girl or an athlete?

girly girl: 3

athlete: 11

both: 8

2. Do you find girls with muscles attractive?

yes: 3

no: 9

Athletic: 10

3.Do you play a sport? If yes, which one?

soccer: 4

basketball: 3

baseball: 5

football: 6

other: 11

I don't play a sport: 2

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Girl's Survey:

1. Do you prefer to date a guy that plays a sport? If so which one?

yes: 13

no: 9

soccer: 4

baseball: 5

basketball: 2

football: 6

other: 7

2. Do you prefer athletes for the muscles or the sport?

muscle: 11

sport: 6

both: 5

3. Do you play a sport?

soccer: 4

softball: 2

basketball: 1

swim: 3

other: 2

I don't play a sport: 9

Quotes from survey takers:

"I would prefer to date a girl that plays the same sport as me because it shows a common interest and we can share advice after games." - Cody Haley

"I would want to date an athlete because I would want to date a guy that knows how to stay in shape." -Vivian Blain

Conclusion: Girls would rather date guys with muscles for various reasons. Most girls don't play a sport and would like to date a jock. But girls who play sports will also be likely to date a jock as well. Guys like to date girls who play sports because of a shared intrest and because they stay in shape. Guys most commonly wanted to date a girl that played the same sport as them.